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Know the Difference

  • Honors Courses
  • Advanced Placement
  • Dual Enrollment

Honors courses are designed for students who consistently exceed the objectives and expectations of the essential curriculum, both in terms of content knowledge and application. Course work includes an emphasis on abstract material and requires extensive independent work, self-discipline, and commitment to meet rigorous expectations and time lines. Successful completion of Honors course work will prepare students for post-high school education.​

Every high school offers challenging college-level Advanced Placement courses. National AP exams administered by the College Board allow students to earn college credit for high scores. ​

Under the College and Career Readiness and College Completion Act of 2013, Maryland’s public high school students can take advantage of reduced tuition by enrolling in approved courses in public colleges and universities. Enrolling in a college course will provide students with the exposure to experiences and information necessary for making informed decisions when selecting a college or career. Through a partnership with Frederick Community College, students can engage in many dual enrollment options, including High School Based, Open Campus, Career Pathways, and Early College at FCC.

Completer Programs

Graduate with the course credits that the University System of Maryland (a consortium of Maryland
colleges and universities) deems essential for entering college:
□ 1 credit in Mathematics at the Algebra 2 level or beyond and
□ A Mathematics course during senior year
□ 2 credits in the same World Language
(Completion does not automatically qualify students for acceptance at the University of Maryland.)

Gain work-ready skills in a concentrated career or technical area by completing:
□ The required number of credits in an approved CTE Completer program.
See the Career & Technical Education section in the Course Offerings Guide for more information.
Talk with your counselor about the options outlined in the CTE Program Completer Requirement List
or access the list online:

Increase your options for success after high school by successfully completing the credit requirements
for both of the above programs:
□ The required number of credits in an approved CTE Completer program and
□ 1 credit in Mathematics at the Algebra 2 level or beyond
□ A Mathematics course during senior year and
□ 2 credits in the same World Language

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